Our partners

Our partners are professionals, attentive to your needs, and familiar with the venue.

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Life is the sum of our choices; let’s make each event an unforgettable memory.


traiteur-repas-banquet Domaine de Brou

Below is our selection of caterers :


Below you’ll find all our partners offering local products :

Mets & vins Domaines de Brou

DJ, Photographer, Florist

Photographe DJ Fleuriste Domaine de Brou


  • Cultur’aids concept : www.culturaidsconcept.fr
    Unforgettable moments thanks to Franck and his large-scale atypical activities.
  • Latitude nordique : www.latitudenordique.fr
    All year round, walk accompanied by Siberian huskies.
  • Spéciale Riverloire : www.riverloire-events.fr
    Company! Unique activities for your team or family!
  • Mme Laurence Luye-Tanet : www.laurenceluye-tanet.com
    Relax by doing yoga!
  • Imagine yourself as a chef… with Francis Maignaut
  • Cook with plants alongside Elsa Defrenet
Yoga Domaine de Brou


poire tapée